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Attention all members
posted by Administrator on date 2011-05-26
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  • Attention all members/ on date2011-05-26

    Dear Friends,

    As you know, this website has been inactive for some time.  We have recently found out from a member that someone may have hacked into the website.  The hacker may be sending out emails using email addresses with our names and domain.

    Please ignore and delete all such emails.  Our IT technicians are trying to trace how this happened.

    In the meantime, perhaps I can share some good news with you.  You may recall that Annie's second book, Look and Cook with Annie (published in 2007) was one of the winners in the category of Chinese cooking in the Gourmand Awards for that year:


    Gourmand is planning to publish a "Best Chinese cooking" cookbook with recipes selected from previous award-winning books.  Annie has been invited to select recipes from her book for inclusion. 

    The book is to be published towards the end of this year and in time for the Paris Cookbook Fair to be held March 7-11, 2012.

    This is exciting news indeed!  Congratulations to Annie, once again!

    In the meantime, we hope you are enjoying Annie's new series of travel articles (on Barcelona) in the Sunday edition of Sing Tao Daily.  Comments welcome! 



    Annie's Red Braised Pork Wins New Fans
    posted by Celina on date 2010-05-27
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  • Annie's Red Braised Pork Wins New Fans/ on date2010-05-27

    Annie has won new fans in London -- discerning eaters who know what they like ... and don't like and are not at all shy about telling it like it is.   

    Read the article from the Telegraph:


    The article generated quite a lot of interest in the UK and I am receiving several emails a day asking how they can order Annie's books.  So we have now made Annie's second and third cookbooks -- Look and Cook with Annie and At Home with Annie -- available on www.amazon.co.uk

    Happy Cooking!


    Welcome New Members
    posted by Admin on date 2010-05-16
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  • Welcome New Members/ on date2010-05-16

    Dear Friends,

    It is heartening to see new members joining even though Annie has not been actively posting.  She has been taking a well-deserved extended break following the publication of "At Home with Annie".

    In the interim, she has continued with her Sing Tao column and she is currently working on a couple of new projects.

    For those of you who are new to the website, Annie will still answer questions that you can post in the Forum section.

    Please also note that because there are so many spam registrations that we have had to manually activate new registrations.  Generally, your account will be activated very soon after you register.  You will not receive any email confirmation of activation. 

    If your account is not activated in a week's time, please drop us an email and we will make sure it is activated right away.

    Sometimes, we are unable to determine if the registration is genuine or not, so we wait to see if we hear from the member.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Once again, thank you for your support and interest.

    Happy Cooking!







    Barcelona - Where to eat? (Part 3)
    posted by Annie on date 2009-12-17
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  • Barcelona - Where to eat? (Part 3)/ on date2009-12-17

    Jonathan and I went for a pre-dinner drink at one of the city's cocktail bars, Dry Martini on Aribau.  Dry Martini is James Bond, it's Dean Martin, it's Cary Grant.  You can never be too overdressed at Dry Martini.  It is that sophisticated!!!!

    The bar is like a smoke house, every single one is puffing away, but who cares when you are in a cocktail bar that has reached cult status.  There is a secret restaurant hidden inside the Dry Martini bar - again one has to go through the kitchen to get to the restaurant.  It has a menu that follows the four seasons...

    Barcelona - Where to eat? (Part 2)
    posted by Annie on date 2009-12-16
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  • Barcelona - Where to eat? (Part 2)/ on date2009-12-16

    After our mid-morning meal at Pinotxo in the Boqueria Market, we were soon hungry for another meal.  We booked a table at Mantequeria Ravell, where downstairs was one of the most incredible delicatessens in Barcelona, but with its upstairs secret! This place is a paradise and is crowned the most glorious of delicatessens in Barcelona. 

    Mantequeria Ravell
    Contrada Aragó, 313
    08001 Barcelona
    tel: +34-93-457-5114 or 93-457-5116
    fax: +34-93-459-3956


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